How To Light A Fire With Your Pee

If you're a normal person who happens to find yourself in a desperate need to light a fire and you have, like, no fire lighting equipment... you're screwed. But wait if you can pee, you'll be totally fine. The guys at The King of Random figured out how to light a fire with urine.

Of course, it's not as simple as pissing and seeing flames erupt on the ground beneath you but it doesn't seem as hard as you think either. Basically, you're using filling a plastic bag with pee to use your piss as a magnifying glass to burn things. When the burning starts, you feed the fire and bam, you've got fire by peeing. And a bunch of pee on your burnt hands. [YouTube via The King of Random via Laughing Squid]


    Or you could have used the water from the stream...

    Wouldn't this work better with water?

    You wrap your apple, you SHOULD die, but you don't, because you wrap your apple. It's a paradox.

    He uses pee, but is right next to the creek? haha

    Bummer, was hoping for a tutorial on how to extract phosphorous from urine. That would make a fire.

      same here.

    Well that's misleading! No-where was it mentioned that you need a plastic bag as well (a clear one none the less!).

    Water droplets on lenses of glasses works similar. Although you have to be wearing glasses I guess

      wont your eyeballs catch on fire?

    I tend not to go around carrying plastic bags though.

    Saw this technique a while ago on Dual Survival.

    So you carry a plastic bag but no lighter or matches when you hike??

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