How Long Do You Wait Before Ditching A Dying Social Network?

We've all gotten ourselves so immersed in using an online service or social network that we continued to use it even when we knew it was on the way out (stop pretending like you weren't checking MySpace last year). Digg, post-acquisition, has now fallen into this group.

When you know a social network you use is likely on the way down, how long do you hold on to it before letting it go? A month? Six months? A year?


    I hadn't used myspace for years, but only bothered to log in and delete my account earlier this year. Couldn't even read messages for nostalgia's sake, I'd click page 2, and it would load page 6. So very broken lol.

    I think Facebook's got most people by the balls in the next foreseeable future. Thousands of uploaded photos alone is a difficult enough reason to migrate to a different service.

      Not to mention the number of other services that people use facebook to log into.

    I have left all social networks and could not be happier. I find them completely anti social and I can put my time to better use.

    Anyone remember Bebo? Hi5?? I deleted Bebo after it was riddled with spam (and no one used it).. and I completely forgot I signed up to Hi5 way back in 2003, which leads me to ask: What was the first social networking website?

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