Beautiful Designs Of The Week: House Of Cedar, Modernised Church And More

Beautiful Designs Of The Week: House Of Cedar, Modernised Church And More

It might be so cold you can’t even think. The good news is you don’t have to — just gaze at all the lovely things in this week’s round of most beautiful items. From a raindrop installation to a constellation lampshade, there are plethora of pretty things for you to take in.

Marine-Inspired Table Lamps Resemble Fireflies Caught in a Jar

The Boya table lamp by Outofstock Design features a solid wood base made of either reclaimed oak or reclaimed maple, and a sheer lampshade of grey-tinted blown glass. Inspired by nautical beacons and marine buoys, these diminutive table lamps call to mind the juxtaposition of boat and sea, with the rough wooden bases and ocean-water coloured glass tops. More » [clear]

Lovely Copper LED Lamp Comes with Its Own Personal Power Outlet

Ideally, my desk would be a clean space populated by only my MacBook Air and nothing else. But this little retro-futuristic copper lamp with en suite power outlet might be the beautiful exception. More » [clear]

Great Lines, Plenty of Light and Absolutely No Moths: The House of Cedar

This timber-framed house in Osaka looks a bit like the unfinished blueprint for a Mondrian painting. And though it might appear as though it’s incomplete, that’s how it was intended. More » [clear]

Graphic Designers Will Love Hate This Gradient-Covered Cabinet

The Shift cabinet is a pretty simple piece as far as form and materials go — it’s MDF in the shape of a rectangle. More » [clear]

Constellation Lampshade Projects the Starry Sky Across Your Ceiling

If you live in a big city with enough streetlights to drown out the stars for miles in all directions, you can still catch a glimpse of the cosmos in the comfort of your own home with Anna Farkas’s 2500W lampshade. More » [clear]

Transfixing Airport Installation Makes Going Through Security Actually Pleasant

Nope, it’s not a museum. This mesmerising video is of “Kinetic Rain”, an installation in Terminal 1 of Singapore’s Changi Airport. More » [clear]

18th Century Spanish Church Gets Modern Makeover

The crumbling, centuries-old Sant Francesc Church and Convent, built in the first part of the 18th century in the Catalan town of Santpedor, was saved from demolition. Instead, it received a super-modern makeover by Catalan architect David Closes. More »[clear]