Here's The Real Original Prototype Of The iPad In All Its Fat Glory

Unbelievably, the real, actual iPad prototype looks even bigger and fatter than what we saw in the mockup of it earlier today. BuzzFeed FWD has real pictures of the iPad prototype compared with the iPad 2, and it completely dwarfs the skinny tablet we know.

Taking a look at these pictures, the Prototype 035 iPad looks more like the old white MacBook than any other Apple device. Just check out the thickness of it:

That's almost an inch thick! The footprint of the prototype was much larger and even though it's only been less than a decade since the prototype has been made, the behemoth looks dated -- almost vintage. Check out BuzzFeed FWD for more pictures of the prototype iPad and iPad 2 [BuzzFeed FWD]


    Good thing they didn't go ahead with it. It looks like the lid of the old macbook.

      probably because that's what the macbook lid looked like at the time....

    It might be fat, but it has a nice thin bezel (going by the other pic) which actually looks better than the current model- and doesn't have that ugly home button either.
    Obviously the massively wide bezel on current ipads is there to make it easier to grasp in all different ways without false touches, but I think you could still manage ok with a thinner one, unless you've got huge clumsy beefy pork-hands.

      yum beefy pork

    It looks like an Android device!

    It really makes you appreciate how much work went into this finished product; they spent such a long time on it, but was completely worth it!

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