Hawking Pays Up: Higgs Find Cost Him $100

There's nothing like a wager between friends. Especially if those two friends are some of the greatest minds the world has ever seen and the bet is over whether or not their colleagues will make one of the greatest ever discoveries in particle physics.

Stephen Hawking told the BBC overnight that Peter Higgs deserves a Nobel prize for the discovery of the particle bearing his namesake.

Despite the gravity of the discovery, Hawking admitted that he never thought that CERN would find the Higgs.

"I had a bet with Gordon Cain of Michigan University, that the Higgs particle wouldn't be found. It seems I have just lost $100," Hawking says with a smile.

Those wiley particle physicists sure know how to have a good time. [BBC]

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    But i thought that this robot knew everything!

      If this were reddit, I would downvote you in to oblivion.

      He actually had a two way bet, if they never found the Higgs he didn't pay, if they did he pays but science wins. True story...

    “I had a bet with Gordon Cain of Michigan University, that the Higgs particle wouldn’t be found. It seems I have just lost $100,”

    Come on, who didnt read this in Hawkings voice?

      I didn't.

      None of us read it in his voice. He hasn't had use of his voice for decades.

    It's not as good as the Penthouse subscription bet he had going a while back!

    I didnt.

    I heard that he was also the one that dared the people at CERN to use Comic Sans.

    I reckon he's paid up too soon...

    Well, hold on , please take the time to read a few simple Logic Steps that show a Mass particle can not exist , it also explains gravity in simple ways and why Absolute Zero doesn`t exist .

    If in the past Hawking hold respect for his position on the Mass Boson than you own to yourself to find out he was Right ! Somebody please tell him !


    Thanks !


      You said a few D: Why am I looking at a massive wall of text

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