Google+ Hangouts Brings Nine-Way Video Chats To Gmail

Hangouts is one of the redeeming qualities of Google+, and it's about to become more widely available. Google has announced that it's rolling out the video chats to Gmail.

The person you're hanging with doesn't even have to be a G+ user; you can gab with your pals from Gmail whether they're on a computer, or on an iOS or Android device. But if your cohort is a Pluskateer (that's a technical term), you can both chat with up to nine people at a time.

Google says the quality is better than regular old Gchat video calls. The new feature begins its rollout today. Now you just need to find people who use Mountain View's social network to kick it with. [Google via TheNextWeb]


    "Hangouts is one of the redeeming qualities of Google+"
    Is their photo layout also one of those redeeming qualities? You know, the one you wrote about Facebook imitating just now as a really significant and good looking feature...

      There does seem to be a little bit of blindness amongst the tech-reporting community. Google+ may not have as large a user base as Facebook, but they love the service and actually enjoy using it. How many people do you see defending Facebook's actions or design changes in online comments? I could count them on one hand. Yet every time there's a story either not properly attributing Google+, or implying no-one uses it, there's always someone defending us Plusketeers. It's because Google+ has created a loyal fan base by treating its customers well.

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