Giant Lego Garden Grows Overnight In The Australian Outback

Residents of Broken Hill in far west NSW were surprised when they woke up to this surreal scene: giant Lego trees and flowers -- 66 times bigger than the actual pieces -- had grown everywhere overnight.

It turns out Lego is setting up installations all around Australia to celebrate its 50th anniversary down under. I hope they gave people minifig costumes too.

Next: life-size Lego minifigs of the Priscilla characters in Alice Springs. Make it happen, Lego. [DesignBoom]


    Love it! What a neat idea!

    I actually like this idea from Lego. Very creative

    i wouldn't mind if they come to my backyard and do this.... would surely look more aesthetically pleasing then my current half lawn/half weed rustic design

    Famtastic idea, Lego has been a much loved toy in my family

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