Get Internet Explorer For Xbox Before Anyone Else [Updated]

Major Nelson just announced that Microsoft is accepting beta testers for the next version of Xbox Live which includes new features like Internet Explorer for Xbox, better search and discovery, an updated dashboard and more. Here's how to get it.

Update: Aaaaaaand it's closed. Sorry about that, readers.

If you're interested and of course you are, you can sign up right here. It's that easy. [Major Nelson]

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    They seem to have stopped taking testers :(

    Major Nelsons - Blog

    Update: The amount of interest in Xbox LIVE’s first public Beta has been incredible. The Xbox LIVE public Beta is now closed. Later this year our entire Xbox LIVE community will be able to experience all of the great features we will be bringing to your Xbox…Stay tuned!

      what do they mean by first? i have been on a XBL fall update beta before, trust me you don't want to. there is always some sort of catch. last time i couldn't use party chat for the entire beta. and then my xbox ringed when i got the final update. never again

    Never seen anyone get excited at the prospect of using IE before!

      What about surfing the inter webs?

    IE may not be perfect, but IE9 kicks the stuffing out of the poxy PS3 browser. If they've basically just ported IE to Xbox more or less as-is, all the more reason for me to keep my eyes out for a cheap one!

    I don't want any more functionality from what is, for me, simply a game console.
    Every time I go to play a game, the damned thing wants (insists on doing) another bloody update.
    All I want to do is sit down, relax and play. Not sit through another update that just adds crap I don't want and re-arranges everything again.
    Well. It feels that way very often anyway.

      I use my Xbox to stream music from Zune, watch foxtel, watch music videos, and stream music/tv/movies from my server. Gaming is definitely done a lot less than other general entertainment.

      If it had a bluray player and free to air TV tuner, I'd never turn the thing off, and not need another box.

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