Georgians Will Leave Their Country Just To See This Beautiful Border Crossing

Border crossings are usually designed to suck your soul while you wait in endless lines for a customs agent to approve or cancel your travel plans. But if your journeys have you crossing between Georgia and Armenia in the near future, you'll be treated to this amazing architectural wonder at the border.

Designed by Luka Machablishvili and located in Ninotsminda, Georgia, the two-storey structure looks like a rolling cascade of gigantic concrete blocks that divide the individual lanes of traffic. But the checkpoint is actually completely static. Adding to the ultra-modern beauty of the building will be a series of stained glass windows located between each of the concrete dividers and the use of dramatic lighting in the evening, which is far more appealing than just a chainlink fence. [Arch Daily via Dezeen]


    Lo ve it. Motorway stops are normally hideous.

    Is it just me or is this just a render, I mean, how are the same
    trucks going to hang around for day and night shots. Also, while it
    looks nice, those artsy booth dividers are just asking for someone
    to run into them.

    I could drive around that, Should make it a couple thousand km wide
    I think.

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