Galaxy Nexus Pulled From US Google Play Store

Last week US courts ruled in favour of Apple by granting a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Google-designed smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus. Now, the phone has been pulled from the Google Play store, and Google is hurrying to put together a software patch to get around the ban.

The court injunction centres around a patent which Apple holds pertaining to searching multiple areas for information — on a device and elsewhere — through a single search interface. The Verge reports that Google is now putting together, or already has put together, an over-the-air patch to get around the problem.

The Verge is also reporting, however, that the Galaxy Nexus has been pulled from the Play store. It's not clear whether the stall in sales is due to the injunction, but it seems likely.

Apple has also now posted the $US96 million dollar bond required to begin the Galaxy Nexus injunction in earnest — so regardless of what Google and Samsung do, it looks like they have a tough fight ahead of them. [The Verge]



    Shameful, really.

    In before it ends with a settlement / workaround and everyone wonders why on earth they ever thought it'd end any other way.

      Everyone assumes it will end that way,

      In before everyone gives you a slow clap and a ticket to the small bus.

        I dunno about that, people are going pretty mental on other websites.

    Amazing, next we will have to download a new language instead of English because Apple has patented that.


      More like #WasntBuyingAppleAnywaySoNowImCallingItABoycott, AmIRight?

        Some people may not have bought Apple anyway but some us are sick of their BS lawsuits and vague patents/trolling.

    What a shame! I have been thinking about buying that phone from play store. Hope it would in back on there soon.

      Are you in the US? I believe that it was only available there, and the ban only affects the US.

    What a shame! I have been thinking about buying that phone from play store. Hope it would go back on there soon.

    It's pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Software patents, essentially mathematics, can be used to can a development phone. No doubt I'll need to get an iDevice so I can learn to write my own apps for their system, but I'd seriously be looking at a second hand one at this rate, even with the cheapness of the iPad2.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn't Apple trying to make a monopoly out of this and isn't that illegal….? All of these so called patents are rubbish and should be thrown out the door. I guess that’s what happens when all the judges have I devices and are biased.

    A lot of features on the new iphone exist on Android, Is Apple opening itself up to a litigious can of worms?

    Ahh Apple you've done it again..

    Am I reading this right? Apple says Nexus infringes on its patent so not only can you not buy it now, but being pulled from the app store, you can't even buy or download free software if you already own one?

      No you're not reading this right.

      No, Google was selling the Galaxy Nexus directly to customers in the US via the Play Store. It just pulled the sale of the phone from the store. Existing Nexus owners should be unaffected (until a software patch comes from Google, but seriously, how many Nexuses are there on stock software?).

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