First Iron Man 3 Concept Art Emerges

Armed men shout orders at their target. He is no longer the billionaire industrialist they knew, he is Iron Man — a weapon with untold power and it's time to put him down. That's the story told from the first piece of concept art that has emerged from Iron Man 3.

The image was published ahead of this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and it sees our eponymous hero, Tony Stark, not clad in his Iron Man suit, but instead we see only his smoking arm and his leg encased in the super-suit.

Shouting men with guns seem to have taken Stark by surprise as they converge on his position in this most awesome shot.

The appearance of the suit partially melded to Stark's body with smoke coming out gives way to the theory that Iron Man 3 will follow the "Extremis" plot line from the Iron Man comics from 2005-2006.

Extremis is a super-serum that binds Stark to his suit while giving him improved regenerative abilities. If it is the Extremis plot, how will this shape the Iron Man we know and love from The Avengers universe?

Either way, I hope we see a trailer emerge at Comic-Con. [Marvel]

Image: Ryan Meinerding/Marvel

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