Facebook's New Photo User Interface Creates Gorgeous Mosaics

Facebook's photo UI is getting a lovely, much-needed makeover. Starting today, it's rolling out a much cleaner layout, with a mosaic view off all your images as well as three simple tabs at the top of the page.

There will be one tab for photos of you, another for all the pics you've posted, and another for your albums. This is the first significant change to Facebook photos in quite a while, and we think it's a pretty good one. [The Verge]


    Looks kinda like G+. I went on FB for the first time in a year and the UI was disgusting, dont know why people still use it.

      because other people still use it. unfortunately.

      My thoughts exactly!Every new feature FB has rolled out, except timeline, has just been taken from G+
      It's to the stage where you could just write about G+ and talk about all the new concepts that will show up on FB.

        G+ doesn't have the one thing that matters though, real people, not just nerds and businesses. It's like a sterile half way between facebook and twitter.

          Google+ doesn't have any "real people" (as you put it) because
          people are so busy telling each other it doesn't have "real people"
          on there that they don't have time to go there and use it. I'm sure
          in the early 20th century people didn't say "I'm not going to buy a
          car because no "real people" have cars, just businesses and rich

    Hurray, another thing I will have to get used to again..

    Look, another feature from G+ shows up on Facebook. Oh well, hopefully it will keep my family busy over there so they don't bother me on plus.

    Looks good, it's all a bit of a mess right now.

    Doesn't matter what they do. They've trashed it with ads and it
    looks like the new myspace now. I haven't been there in months.

    Try picasa, does wonders and you can export your loveliness :)

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