Facebook Now Shows Everyone Every Stupid Comment You Edited

Facebook comments are a fireworks show of impulsiveness, like much else with Facebook. Mercifully, FB just gave us the ability to edit things we wish we might have said differently. But now, our screwup is open for everyone to see.

Usually we applaud transparency at Gizmodo, but isn't the entire point of an edit feature to clean your tracks, whitewash the past, and leave behind a better statement than the one you cranked out to begin with? Not anymore. Whenever a friend (or foe) edits any Facebook comment, an Edited button will be tacked on -- click that, and you've got a big gaping window that shows the entire history of the comment. Every. Single. Change. Did you screw up a fact? Say something insulting? Hurt someone's feelings? Lie? It'll be there.

Of course, you can just delete any incriminating comment, but then we're just back to square one. Online editing is only good if it allows you to banish your inferior self expression to an unreachable internet vortex. Now we're all just going to make fools of ourselves.

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    Seriously... WHY do people still use this piece of crap? I just don't understand why it's still so popular!
    Speaking of editing your own comments though, "Allure Media" should have had that instated ages ago. I know for myself that I've made comments in the heat of the moment that I wish I could have changed, or even apologised for!

      It's the most time efficient and effective way for me to reach out to a group of people all at once. Assuming your question wasn't rhetorical.

    It amazes me that seemingly intelligent people are still using Facebook with all that we know. It has had its time, full of dull mothers and idiotic children seeking attention now. Time to move on and forget about it.

    Meh, stops retards from editing stuff days later and making themselves look better by showing the edit history. If you made a mistake and realise it straight away, delete and re-post.

    I love the "I don't use Facebook. I think it sucks, so therefore it just sucks, and nobody should use it" comments. You would be amazed, but very normal people use Facebook every day to keep in touch, rather than just seeking attention.

      This site alone has had at least couple of reasons NOT to use it for the last few weeks. If you use it and have no issues, well fill yer boots. There are a lot of people like me, who think it is a carbuncle on the ass of the internet. What I find interesting is the reactions of those who are so devoted to it that they are offended by the nay sayers.

      "Facebook sucks, and therefore I don't use it" FTFY

    Timeline has made Facebook rubbish. I still have my account cause, why not; but I don't do updates or anything or share any info.

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