Facebook Earnings: Just Under A Billion Users, Just Over A Billion In Revenue

There are 955 million people in this world with Facebook accounts, and they collectively poured $US1.18 billion into Zuck & Co.'s coffers these last three months. Which, hey, not a bad welcome to Wall Street!

Of those 955 million total users, Facebook sees 552 million accessing the site daily. And the revenues, of $US1.085 billion, are a 45% increase over last year's number and some modest comfort to people who pegged their pensions to the company's much-maligned IPO.

As far as making a Facebook phone is concerned, Zuckerberg isn't thrilled with the idea. In fact, he flat out denied that the company would ever do it, saying on the call:

Building out a phone wouldn't make sense for us to do.

Of course that doesn't rule out the rumour we heard yesterday that a team-up device was coming from Facebook and HTC.

Is anyone really upset that there's not going to be a Facebook phone?

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