Easily Add Secret Zelda Dungeons To Every Room In Your House

If you only grew up playing the 3D versions of The Legend of Zelda games — instead of Link's more classic 2D overhead adventures — you probably won't fully appreciate how awesome these secret passageway decals really are.

Available from Etsy seller JamesBit, the 18 by 18-inch $US35 vinyl decals look like they're straight out of the ACME catalogue. But instead of providing a quick escape from a wily coyote, they create an imaginary basement dungeon that no one will ever be able to explore. The vinyl used is scuff resistant — so if you're not embarrassed enough to hide it under a piece of furniture it won't show wear and tear from foot traffic — and it's held in place with a light adhesive so it won't leave residue if and when you finally remove it to bring a date home.

[Etsy via Freshome]

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