Do You Borrow Ebooks From Public Libraries?

One of the things that excited me most about getting an ereader was the idea that I could check out books from the library without having to go to the library.

But it turns out that ebook lending systems in public libraries are not as idyllic as imagined. Every book available in paper is not necessarily available in electronic form. And although transmitted through the interwebs, you can't just check out an ebook at will. You have to wait for someone else to finish it (and when it's a newer book, you generally have to fend off the bookworm masses).

So how is your library's ebook collection? Do you actually like using it? If a paper library book and an ebook are both available, would you ever choose the printed page instead?



    I bought my mum-in-law a e-book reader. She is an avid reader. Yes she uses the library to borrow ebooks to my surprise - she sees' the librarians as a resource to assist selecting reading materials.

    Their errsouces are growing but not match for "shelf [email protected] (sbooks). Libraries need support, they are changing. Remember book publishing and libraries are a bastion of civilization - lets hope they develop and evolve- and they are.

    I'm confused.... So it's a Digital medium but still restricted to physical borrowing availability.

      its called DRM and there's also on disc DLC...

      I'm assuming that a library will have a limited number of licenses that they are allowed to lend.

        And also a limited number of borrows until the book has to be retired and re-purchased.

    I can check it out, I know she goes in and it is installed, she is reading a borrowed copy of 50 shades of grey ( appropetate for her grey scale reader)

    I'm confused, wouldn't it just be cheaper/easier/quicker to go online and download the book? As opposed to trekking all the way to the library? How are libraries not obsolete yet? lol

    I borrow quite a few eBooks from my university library - I go to their catalogue website on my android tablet, set a filter to only search eBooks, find the book I want and hit 'connect to eBook' and 'Download'. It comes straight to the device and locks me out after 7 days till I go to the catalogue again. Really simple and extremely useful for textbooks and research in general.

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