Do People Love Google+ Or Just Really Hate Facebook?

The annual American Consumer Satisfaction Index has been posted, and there's some shocking data about feelings towards online services. People are remarkably satisfied with Google+. They're way more satisfied with Google+ than with Facebook. And Facebook is slipping.

The ACSI is an annual survey of 80,000 people, which asks them to rate how happy they are with a wide swath of goods and services on scale of 0-100. There's a lot of numbers in this study, but the most interesting pertain to "Internet Social Media". Google+, which launched just last year, entered the chart with the resoundingly high score of 78 -- it owned the top spot alongside Wikipedia. That says a lot. Who doesn't love Wikipedia? It's freaking free information.

As for Facebook, well, it seems all of those privacy debacles have caught up with The Social Network® because it scored a meagre sixty-one. That's not way below social media's overall score of 69, it's the lowest of all of the social media services measured this year. And it's down from its rating of 66 last year. Bummer, Zuckerberg, bummer.

So do we hate social media? Does it makes us miserable? There's plenty of evidence to suggest so! Social media scores below "Internet News & Information" (73) and "Internet Portals & Search Engines" (79). Of course, this is just one study, and there could be a lot of factors that could skew the results. You've really gotta love Google+ to use it, whereas using Facebook is basically a social obligation.

Plus, some of these numbers are just weird. Maybe it makes sense that people really really like Google (82). But scored an eighty-four. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? [ACSI via Wired]



    I don't like google+ -just hate facebook

    I like Google+ but I only use it to keep up with certain Android developers. All my actual friends are on Facebook :(

      Sames though i use G+ for Photographers. Friends are on Facebook. Slowly the 5 or 6 i actually care about are coming over to google then I might consider shutting my Facebook.

    Love Google+ it is brilliant, have ten times the followers than on Facebook or even Twitter and way more comments on posts than either of the others.

    Oh and the interface is so much cleaner and just tends to work better in general, more user and business friendly, I actually hope the competition makes Facebook mature a little.

      Yeah, facebook has some idiotic Byzantine little intricacies that are left over from earlier bad design... Most of the better newer improvements were copied 100% from Google +

      Google + suffers from the design issues of having everything too huge and spread out all over the place, instead of going for a more subtle look, with smaller discrete blocks of content. But everything works far easier and better than FB- also though, it doesn't seem as intimate as FB, but that's probably illusion.

    both fb and G+ are blocked in China, so it's Renren for me...

    I only use a given tool for as long as, and in so far as, it helps me do the things I want it to do. So far, Google + has made zero impact on my life (aside from adding to the "sharing" icon cluster) because nobody I know cares to use it.

    It's not a matter of liking or hating either G+ or FB. It's a question of "is the service good enough?". So far, FB is good enough.

    I dislike all social media, but Google+ is doing a much better job than Facebook currently. FB is going down the pits fast, and I am happy for it to do so.

    Marcel if you don't mind me asking.

    When you say you have more followers on google+ than facebook, are you using it as a twitter style account?

    I just always thought of using google + as the same as facebook rather than twitter.

      Google + works well as either or both, due to the easy privacy settings- that FB later copied, but hasn't implement with quite the ease and usability of G+
      G+ does well as a Twitter type thing, Facebook social network then or a blogger thing...

    Social media for individuals has nothing to do with the suitability of the platform, and everything to do with who's on it. Most people use Facebook just because their friends use Facebook. I'd move to Google+, I far prefer it, except everybody else is on the big old F.

    In keep more readers than I follow but it is a mix of Twitter feed and fb interaction.

    much prefer Google+ but all my stupid friends are on failbook

      I'm in the same boat,
      In fact I recently removed all my profile info from G+ and have all but disabled the account.
      When Google started messaging me every day about "trending topics" , I decided enough was enough.
      A great pity because, Like BETA vs VHS many moons ago, the lesser tech is winning.

    when social media gets into your head it becomes a narccacistic battleground for egos. all of a sudden your competing with everyone on your friends list for social status in this weird online tribal universe where all that matters is the impression you portray, linked directly to the brains default network. i think people are dissatisfied with fb
    because they still havent figured out how to use it, were still learning what it is. i am

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