DIY Analogue Clock Tells The Time In 24 Different Time Zones

Over at Instructables, SelkeyMoonbeam has figured out a clever way to make one analogue clock tell the time in 24 different time zones. All you have to do is turn the clock's base to the city (or time zone) you're in, and the clock will show the right time.

It doesn't include the minute hand because the time would be off every time you rotate it, but it does give you the correct hour for time zones all across the world. Think of it more like a gauge than an atomic clock, I guess. Here's how the guy who made the clock explained it:

It's not really that useful if you're a world traveler- you have to take the minute hand off or it's wrong every time you turn it. But the hours are right, so it's good for if you're doing international business, or have friends overseas that you want to contact. Actually, I was considering making a version that left off the cities and simply displayed the names of my wide-spread family members so that we'd have an easier time discussing when to Skype call.

The instructions on how to build one yourself are over at Instructables. [Instructables]



    Once daylight savings changes the watch would be useless for that timezone, and governments change those dates far too often, i haven't done any research on those zones but so i don't know if he took daylight savings into account at all.

    It should have a seperate section that rotates in the middle that i s weghted so that there is always a number 12 at the top, now i think about it the minutes hand should also be conected to this so that only the hours change when you rotate the clock.

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