Digg Sells Itself For Pocketchange

Which one of you rascals just bought Digg? The social news website, clearly in need of some new cushions for the company cafeteria, just sold itself for just half a million dollars. In 2008, it turned down two hundred million.

Digg once carried the massive internet clout of Reddit, making or breaking (literally) entire websites with its gigantic traffic tsunamis. The Wall Street Journal reports that New York technology development firm Betaworks made the purchase and "intends to fold Digg into News.me Inc. a digital media startup that Betaworks launched in April 2011". Considering nobody knows what the hell News.me is, this is goodbye for Digg. Bye, Digg! You'll long remind us of the late 2000s, when Rihanna first captured our hearts and you were worth actual money. [WSJ]



    I would be kicking myself for not taking the $200m... reminds me of Deal or No Deal where most people are greedy and keep playing instead of taking the deal!

    not everyone is a winner but 500k is way too low even for digg

      I agree actually. They said it still pulls 7 million visitors a month.

        Sounds impressive, but how many of those would run ad-blockers?

    Pretty sad really, considering I used to spend hours upon hours on digg, then everything change with its horrible redesign. It just wasn't digg anymore, and adding Facebook integration made it less digg-like. I didn't want to combine my Facebook friends with the digg community. I liked having the separation.

    I love the smell of hubris in the morning. Kevin Rose has always seemed a bit self-satisfied to me, so it is not surprising that $200 million was not enough for him and his partners.

    Call me a dumbass or call me Wendy, but whenever I've visited Digg and found an article title to be interesting, I've never been able to figure out how to actually get to the content. Not sure what it's like now, but I always would click on whatever seemed like the link and it would just take you back to the same page. Never been bothered to work it out as it seemed pretty much like it was breaking any accepted internet friendly UI rules.

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