Did You Even Know What iGoogle Was Before Google Decided To Kill It?

Google's latest product bloodbath includes underused or obsolete products you probably don't need. Amongst the latest fatalities is iGoogle, which will die on November 1. What is iGoogle, and who uses it? To be honest a couple of us had to look it up.

Launched in 2005, iGoogle is a personalised homepage that allows you to compile RSS feeds, sports scores, stock prices and whatever else you want onto a page that would presumably load each time you open your browser. Useful... about a decade ago. That's probably why nobody talks about it. Had you heard of iGoogle before Google just decided to kill it? [Google Blog]


    The writer must live under a rock, I would imagine millions of people use igoogle as a desk top home page, I can understand his comments if he is referring to mobile phones. Where do we go to replace igoogle with all our gadgets that we refer to every day.

    Yup, I use it every day - need to find a replacement now.

    I find it a useful distraction,now where to go.

    I think heaps of people use igoogle.

    I have used it since 2005 as my email, tasks and calendar sit on the same screen. I don't see anything else does that without me having to open and close things.

    I'm not using Google+.......

    I've used it for years. When I found out today about it being killed, I set out to find a replacement. Enter Feedly. I have exported all my iGoogle feeds to OPML, imported to Google Reader and now I'm using Feedly as my home page. In fact I found this article through Feedly. It's a massive improvement on iGoogle.

    Use it daily, as then I don't have to give advice to wife on all her links
    Pain in ass for me, it's going

    Doesn't go till 1st Nov "2013".

    Used it for years, it's great, many people I know use it too. Excellent feature.

    I'll be very sad when iGoogle goes. It's been my home page for a few years, and I flick over to it several times a day to check my email, rss feeds and calendar. As others have said, it's a convenient way to aggregate your most frequently used web tools, that is usable across computers (with an account you are almost always signed into anyway )

    Given the number of comments on this article (compared to the number of comments giz au articles usually attract) this is not 'obsolete' and certainly deserves more respect than "Useful… about a decade ago."

    What do people have as their homepage if they _don't_ use iGoogle?

    I used to use it - could play games at work through it - twas awesome

    Everywhere I go about this change, 50% of comments are of people who use it! I'm 99% sure they'll bring out another service for aggregating personal RSS feeds. What the hell is the point is RSS otherwise.

    Curation is actually a big trend right now as we're being bombarded with more and more information - nothing curates more than RSS.

    I'm curious to know what others use for their homepage, especially people who see iGoogle as 'outdated'. Any thoughts?

    Every day use, browser home page one after speed dial. MANY people still use it as their home page.

    My suspicion is that Google Now with their 'Cards' will be pin-able, thus replacing the necessity for iGoogle.

    Really? I've been using it for a long time. Not that many of the feeds work anymore, but was still my fav

    My 95 year old grandma uses it, now I am going to have to set something else up for her.

    Only just got my Mum to use a computer and she uses igoogle pretty much exclusively, will be sad to see it go

    I use i Google mainly to store my favourites I need from multiple locations that I can never remember.

    Guess I'll have to store them in onenote or skydrive now.

    iGoogle ends Nov 1, 2013.

    iGoogle was how I first heard about Giz! Sucky :(

    I-Google has been the most useful site that we use in our family of 4 users, and so many people have asked us to show them how to amalgamate all their most popular sites at one place. I am open to another website that can do the same, or can a smart programmer create one for us before NOV. 2013? PLEASE???

    Everyone used to use it at my high school because the IT guys set it as the default and encouraged us to for some reason. This was 4-5 years ago though.

    I don't really like Google+ for newsfeeds etc. as it jumbles everything together. Wish I could separate "tech news" from "movie news" or market updates. It's taken the worst aspect of Facebook and made it into a feature! I don't mind posts from my friends in time order but it doesn't work for some information where I want to see a specific topic. IGoogle had faults - perhaps a better idea would be some better sorting method for Google+?

    igoogle is going to shut down in next few days. I have started using startme.com from couple of days and found it really at least its a ad free and easy to use source.

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