Did You Even Know What iGoogle Was Before Google Decided To Kill It?

Google's latest product bloodbath includes underused or obsolete products you probably don't need. Amongst the latest fatalities is iGoogle, which will die on November 1. What is iGoogle, and who uses it? To be honest a couple of us had to look it up.

Launched in 2005, iGoogle is a personalised homepage that allows you to compile RSS feeds, sports scores, stock prices and whatever else you want onto a page that would presumably load each time you open your browser. Useful... about a decade ago. That's probably why nobody talks about it. Had you heard of iGoogle before Google just decided to kill it? [Google Blog]


    iGoogle... slightly more popular than Google Plus.

    I actually used iGoogle for a couple of years.

      Well, a replacement would be nice indeed, but it can’t really match the original iGoogle and doesn’t really add value to your startpage... I feel it’s somehow a downgrade from the original iGoogle.

      You you will enjoy the change, I felt a real Upgrade after I start using http://startific.com

      It has a beautiful interface, you will love it!

    Set up iGoogle as my homepage a number of years ago, haven't bothered changing it since.

      I actually really enjoy iGoogle and have been using it as my homepage since 2005. I'm disappointed to see it go. I honestly don't know what else I can replace my homepage with at this stage as I just really like the idea of opening up my browser and seeing all of the RSS feeds of interest to myself. Now I need to find something else that does the same thing.

    had one, but (as it appears) like most people, never really used it.

    My dad will be devastated. I never used it but was actually quite impressed that he had taken the time to set it up with calendars, news, weather etc.
    This is a guy who has never logged into internet banking and calls me on a regular basis to ask me to remind him of his wifi password.

    Yeah I used iGoogle for a while but never found value in it.

    I used iGoogle and thought it was awesome... shame they are killing it :(
    Lets hope they are just not developing it further and leave existing plugins as is.... I'd be happy abotu then :)

    Was informed about this article by the RSS Feed from iGoogle.

      Same here, and it has my 10 newest emails, news headlines, weather, stock prices etc all on my homepage.

      I will have to investigate other options


        Me too! I'm actually a bit pissed about this-made life really really easy-jump on the net-all your rss and shares right there-gold prices news forex etc......used it all the time-infact the biggest winner was probably the Giz...always coming here tio check out articles that popped up on my igoogle homepage.

    Bugger - I actually use iGoogle. Clearly I am in the minority! It was a great way to bring content together easily - including gmail etc. Ah well. I'll get over it.

    The day iGoogle was introduced is when i found there was other things Google did than search for things.

    I have iGoogle as my homepage and I love it.. its really handy to show my Newsfeeds, Calendar, gChat and maps on one page.. I'm disappointed that its going, hopefully it will be replaced, or integrated with something else, I'm obsessed with synchronizing my information and workflow and this was perfect for me to have just one click away using the home button.. I'm sure something will come along in a year and a few months.

    I still use iGoogle now and have done for a number of years, although I wont be too phased when it goes but I did like it. I currently have it set as my homepage

    That's a bummer. I happen to like using it! I actually found this article BECAUSE it shows up on my Gizmodo feed on iGoogle!

    Used it for a couple of years but got sick of it being so slow and rather ugly appearance.
    Then I discovered Chrome start page extensions and haven't looked back.
    Currently using Bookolio.

    I just found out about this article through iGoogle, I use it every day!!!

    aww :( I use iGoogle as my homepage and have I think since release....

    is awesome as a "go to" place for RSS that's easy to configure and customise.

    Love iGoogle. The blurb about the closure mentions that it can be replaced with Chrome Store apps. As yet I haven't found anything remotely comparable. Anyone got any ideas for a portlet style homepage replacement?

    I have iGoogle as my homepage on all my current devices (home computer, work computer, personal phone, work phone, tablet). I found it to be a very useful, customisable homepage. I found both this article, and the article on Lifehacker announcing it through the RSS feeds on my iGoogle page. I was sad :(

    For those much like me, I had a brief look around this morning. I found netvibes to be a similar style. I am/will investigate the conversion to this when the death of iGoogle is looming closer.

    I've used it for 4 years, and found it very useful indeed. Sad to see it go :-(

    I accentually used it for a few years, but I have been back on the standard home page for a long time now.

    im so upset that ig is going, it's been my homepage since launch, now moving everything over to netvibes.

    **actually. Why the heck did chrome correct it to that? :-P

    I still use it.

    Love it - sad to see it go.

    I was an iGoogle user and just recently I changed my home page, so I kinda' feel this is my [email protected] ^ above I switched to this homepage/start page which I've forund to be awesome and all your google tools are still right where you want them, fresh on every new tab.

      Doesn't really do the same thing...... There's hardly any "apps" for it....

        Thanks Clint - looks like an interesting option.

    I had it as my home page for many years, then changed to a new computer and forgot it existed.

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