Dark Knight Shooter Trapped His House With Tripwires, Bombs And Chemical Weapons

The maniac who killed 12 people at a midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado last night didn't want his mayhem to end in the theater. Police say they can't get into his apartment because he's rigged the place up with sophisticated booby traps.

Details about the booby traps that James Holmes set up at his house are scarce but at a press conference that ended just a few minutes ago, the Aurora Police Chief, who used to work for the NYPD, said they were "Something I've never seen." He said it appeared to be some sort of incendiary device, that there where chemicals involved, and "lots of wires". The police are still trying to figure out how they are going to get into the apartment, and they've evacuated his entire building and five more in the area.

According to the Denver Post, the local fire chief said that the tripwires in Holmes' apartment were connected to wires, which contained "unknown substances". According to one report, an FBI agent, "The pictures are pretty disturbing as far as how sophisticated it is. This could be a very long wait."

We're currently trying to figure out what exactly these bombs might be. Considering the weapons Holmes used at the theatre, it's clear he had access to basically every thing he wanted. Thanks to the internet, anybody can get basically any weapon as we learned in our exclusive report on the online arms marketplace called The Arsenal. In this case, the booby traps sound homemade. We're reaching out to bomb experts. We also called the Aurora Police Department, and we'll update when we hear back.

What a terrible tragedy. We're glad for all the precautions the police are taking. Clearly Holmes is a psycho who wanted to kill as many people as possible. The last thing we need is more blood. [Reuters, MSNBC, Denver Post]

Updates We heard back from Lt Mike Jackson, who's the Bomb Squad Commander in Oklahoma City:

With the limited info it's going to be hard to figure out if it actually an incendiary or if it is some sort of HME. Also it could be some sort of hypergolic mixture that could create a fire if mixed. Wires hooked up to electronics is never a good sign for bomb guys and they will be very cautious before and during any kind of entry into the apartment. (Numerous bad things could be going on.)

So basically, Holmes might have rigged up any of a number terrible weapons and possibly several of them. Based on the information the police have released—and maybe it's as much as they know—the house might be rigged with either a homemade explosive device or maybe an incendiary weapon designed to catch the building on fire. Possibly both. Either way, it's smart to proceed with caution.

We're hearing from law enforcement sources that despite the information that has been made public, police are relatively clueless. They have no idea what's waiting for them on the other side of the door. It's likely to be a very long night and possibly even longer before they can get in.



    sick bastard, do they have the death penalty in Colorado?


        Then let's let him have it.1

          I feel like the death penalty is an easy way out, way to quick and painless, people like this should suffer, he should sit in a dark cell for the rest of his life.

          I +1 that however,

          The fact he dressed up as the joker and pretended to be him (or thought he was him) theres a good chance he’ll get off on an insanity plea. Unconstitutional to execute a mentally ill person

          Ps sorry for double posting this. On iPad :/

            SCARECROW! I see how this is going to end...

              Isn't shooting 71 complete strangers insane in itself?

            I've heard people say he was dressed up as the Joker, Bane, Batman, and even Iron Man. The only description I've heard that seems legitimate was from the mouth of a witness, who said he was just wearing a bulletproof vest and a riot helmet.

      HIs punishment must be more severe. When his spirit is in ashes then he has our permission to die

    Makes me sick to the stomach this has happened and can or will happen again.

      Well with services like The Armory http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/07/the-secret-online-weapons-store-that-will-sell-anyone-anything/ things like this will just become easier.

      I +1 that however,

      The fact he dressed up as the joker and pretended to be him (or thought he was him) theres a good chance he'll get off on an insanity plea. Unconstitutional to execute a mentally ill person

    Just wait for him, he'll starve eventually. Or... blow his place up :)

      I believe they caught him at the movie theatre and arrested him so no need to starve him out. I'm assuming they just want to get into his house for further evidence and now also to make it safe for nearby residents.

    Insanity plea?

    I'm sure the prosecution would argue, that his meticulous pre-emptive planning and preparation is the work of a sane man.

    I believe insanity is for individuals who do not understand their actions, nor the consequences of those actions. And the prosecution would argue that he knew what he was doing and the consequences involved from those actions.

    Of course, the bastard would have a lawyer which would argue the opposite.

    ?? Does he have a friend in Norway??

    Arms are too readily available, any sicko can get a gun

    The death penalty is not a deterrent for anyone committing crimes.

    Its been documented that there is three types of crimes and none of them take into account the penalty. From memory the three are passion, opportunity, and rage but this could be wrong as im only going from memory.

    The Death Sentence should be banned world wide by the United Nations and all governments. The only way to stop these attacks from happening is to do what has been done in many countries. Make it illegal to own semi automatic and automatic weopons. Personally I believe that it should be a criminal offence with Manditory Solitory Confinement Life sentence without the possibility of release for any person who privatetly posesses any type of Gun or other item that has as it SOLE and only purpose to Kill humans.

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