Creepy 18th Century Robot Comes Back To Life

Back in the 18th century, this automaton called 'The Writer' was built by Jaquet Droz. After more than 200 years, the robot has been reanimated, and it's way creepier than any robot made today.

Apparently, Droz had made other automatons, but only three survived. Others could draw or play the piano, but it's this 'Writer' that gives me the heebie jeebies. It's a mechanical boy controlled by a "complex clockwork mechanism" complete with head and eyes that move when it writes. Just look at the thing, I almost expect it to start stabbing people. [YouTube via TechCrunch]


    What an amazing piece of machinery!

    This goes to prove, the robot humans already live among us!

    For 1744 it's very well designed and still works shame we don't build our things this robust today.

    Awesome :) Reminds me of the movie Hugo, the robot looks pretty similar too!

      Yeah, I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned in the article -- especially since the movie is still pretty new -- and was actually covered on Gizmodo recently with a behind-the scenes look at how they filmed the final scene.

      Great movie.

    Goes to show that we haven't gone that far forward in technology.

    Amazing. Pity we can't see what it's writing

      I've seen it on a docco, and it writes "I think therefore I am" in French

    And when he grows up, the kid will battle the Doctor for Madame de Pompadour's brain.

    Derren Brown has one too. But its a secret

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