Clever Serving Trays Cutouts Promise To Make Food Court Dining Less Terrible

Food court dining is never really enjoyable. And it's not just the food, eating off a tray with a raised lip around the perimeter is awkward at best.

So why has it taken until now to come up with a solution as elegant as Zoocreative's Delica trays that feature a groove on either side where diners can comfortably rest their arms during a meal? Admittedly, the tray won't contain spills as easily as the traditional design, but it still allows you to easily carry multiple plates and glasses from the checkout to your table.

We'd be tempted to encourage every fast food restaurant on the planet to adopt these, were it not for the Delica tray's ridiculous $US79 price tag. Time to break out the scroll saw.

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    Or you could just take your plate off the tray.

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      Especially if you're like a lot of people and food court cuisine consists of something you eat with your hands (e.g. burgers, kebabs, etc) or not with knife and fork (e.g. chopsticks). This is a solution hoping for a problem.

      Soooo they should only post stuff about getting clean water to isolated villages etc? WTF is your point?
      Maybe you're just on the wrong news blog site thing.

        Typical ozoneocean response. FirstWorldProblem meme just means the problem is soo stupid like "my laptop is about to run out of power but the power cable is just out of reach".

        I don't know any people that eat off a tray like that guys is anyway, and most fast food trays are don't have such a high wall on them.

    I'd definitely rather be eating off one of those at McDonalds! It could make fast food dining just that little bit better.

    you do have thumbs right? the kind that could lift up your plate/bowl/bag and remove the tray


      Step 1. Take plate off tray and place directly on table.
      Step 2. Eat.

    "You're gonna need a tray!"

    And here was me thinking the trays were only meant for carrying your stuff back to the table.
    Who the heck actually eats off these things?
    A few I'm guessing judging by the fact that someone "came up with this idea".
    People are daft sometimes.

    Assuming you even eat of the tray to begin with, doesn't this completely fail if two peoples food is on the one tray?

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