British Airways Will Use Google to Dig Up Dirt On You, Pre-Flight

While soaring high above the clouds sounds like a complete dream to many, taking the plane is not everyone’s favourite pastime, especially frequent flyers. And now those lucky individuals checking into business or first class with British Airways can expect a privacy invasion too. BA’s rolled out its ‘tailored’ service where it’ll actually Google you to create a dossier on each of its passengers.

While operating the “Know Me” programme is apparently in the best interest of customer service, British Airways has caused a bit of a stir among those who value their privacy. BA staff are set to Google images of passengers so they can identify them, check out their past flights, where they’ve been, whether they’ve asked for more vodka — that kind of thing. Much like Google itself, the purpose of the program is to hold a wealth of data of experiences that the customer has with the airline, and then to turn that into a more rewarding customer service. But unlike the search giant, BA’s approach sounds a bit, er, grim. I don’t think I’d want an airline, of all businesses, to be Googling my details on the internet; checking out photos of me, and keeping it all on file. That said, the service mostly applies to those with a big media profile, so you can rest easy if you’re just a regular Joe making the most of first class.

Either way, getting to sleep on a plane is already a pain in the arse — I’d rather not have this looming over my head too. [Evening Standard]

Image: Boeing 747/Shutterstock

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    Isn't your info thats found on google considered 'public'? How is that then an invasion of privacy?

    I have a very common last name and struggle to find myself on google, good luck with that.

      Yeah, I bet they'll get a real surprise when they find me. Especially since I'm supposed to be serving five life sentences in Pennsylvania.

      I was shoot dead 10 year ago in New Zealand by cops and drive a NASCAR in the US.

    I have all sorts of crazy shit come up when Googled. Looks like I'm never flying with British Airways!

    I share a name with a name with some dude who is an expert in old coins. I'm not sure if that will help or make things worse.

    Who am I kidding. I'll never be flying business class on British Airways.

    My surname is 1 letter away from Naked... So.. When I search for my name I get "DID YOU MEAN DAVE NAKED?"

    Have fun with that one..

      So your name is Dave Aked ?

    This could only possibly be used for high profile people, and in part would make sure the ego-set aren't 'put out' by an attendant not knowing who they are and treating them as such.

    This is no different than a journalist researching their interviewee beforehand, or a guy asking friends about a girl to see if she likes flowers or movies... all so you can appear knowledgeable and better ingratiate yourself. Think how good you feel as a regular at a shop or bar, where the service personnel rack you up and "know you so well". It's only an issue if they use the info to bar you from service or have used it against you for nefarious purpose.

    Grr.. Need a way to click edit.

    A = middle name.

    Surname is 5 letters.. And go.. And the first letter is different

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