Australian Billionaire Wants To Build Jurassic Park-Style Resort

For those not familiar with the CV of mining billionaire Clive Palmer, you could be forgiven for thinking this sounds a bit out there, but sources close to the man himself are reporting that Palmer wants to clone a dinosaur from DNA and release it in his resort in Coolum, Queensland. Jurassic Palmer.

The Sunshine Coast Daily reports that Palmer has been in contact with the scientists who cloned Dolly the sheep

Now remember that this is all coming from "a source close to Palmer" so it might all be bunk, but this is the man who wants to rebuild the Titanic. I'd believe anything at this point.

If it is true, though, we could have a major incident on our hands. Cloning dinosaurs all starts with "ooh" and "aah", but then it always ends with running and screaming, as we know far too well. Life finds a way. [Sunshine Coast Daily]

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    First the titanic now Jurassic Park - Clive Palmer really needs to lay off those 90's era DVD movies!

      I reckon he should spend his money building an actual Death Star or
      Delorean. If not them, then at least a hyperdrive (for hyperspace
      of course) or light sabres. Why build something that can eat you
      later on?

        Just clone the herbivores. Then when they reproduce you can control the population by slaughtering and selling the meat.

        Someone has already made a delorean.

    Clive obviously didn't learn the lesson Jurassic Park was trying to teach. I also have doubts that he would be allowed to do this in Australia.

      I'm pretty sure the lesson that Jurassic Park taught us was that Dinosaurs are awesome and cloning them can have no possible bad outcomes. Also that Unix systems are super easy to hack.

    Palmer gives us April 1st all year long...
    It is funny though - the American super-rich start charities to eliminate malaria (Gates / Buffett).
    As David said, Clive wants to recreate 90s movies that, as I recall, ended fairly poorly for most of the cast...

      And Gina Rinehart is busy squabbling over money with her kids and trying to control the media. Our billionaires are embarrassing.

    As long as someone gets eaten while taking a dump I'll be happy.

      Jokes about people dying are funny....

      9 out of 11 people agree.


        Jokes about lawyers being eaten by dinosaurs are hilarious

          Lawyers are not people though....


          What do you call 100 lawyers devoured by dinosaurs?

          A good start.

    He also wants to build a monorail from his resort to the airport,
    apparently it will promote tourism?

    oh and his Coolum Casino this guy has too much money.

    Wait, people are complaining that someone wants to clone dinosaurs? This would be great!

      I'd rather they begin by cloning species that are extremely endangered, or have already been made extinct by mankind. Animals like the Dodo and Thylacine for example.

        Why? Once we solve this dino problem, we can solve the problems for all the other animals - At least we have recent samples of those!

        Good call. Bring back some Australian Mega-fauna. Studies suggest that they went extinct when man first arrived on the continent. Giant killer Kangaroos? Wombats as big as cars? What could possibly go wrong?

    When I see the Titanic II crossing an ocean I'll start to take this flake seriously. What scares me is that he wants to take a tilt at politics,.. Now that... is scary!!

      Oh, and I'm pretty sure they've ruled out the possibility of cloning Dino's, at least until the technology reaches another level or two, which isn't any time soon!

      You will probably see Titanic II, though it probably won't look ANYTHING like an Olympic Class passenger steamer.

    You've got to hand it to this bloke. The media he gets is priceless and free too, maybe that is what his plan not for one thing but all things that he does.

    If he has so much money, why can't he give all Australians some of it, at least it would be put to better use (well, 9 times out of ten of us will).

    I hope the whole park is controlled by a Unix system, because i know this.

    Damn!!! Have the titatic crash on dinosaur island!!! Would luv to see leonardo pull out an UZI and protect kate from hungry raptors closing in from all angles!!!

    It's a security feature. He said the CIA were tracking him and listening in on his communications.

    Who would be game enough to mess with someone who has a T-Rex or two at his disposal.

    You have to love Clive Palmer. It brings into reality that even a complete retard can become a billionaire. Least we all have someone to laugh at from time to time.

    No no no Clive, making a serum that is transmittable by saliva that bring back the dead is more feasible

      I'd support this! Can we have a theme park resort funded by this guy where we go on a zombie survival?

      Bring back the dead? Why? Is 7 Billion+ living people not enough
      for you?

    Looks like it might be time to sell off stocks in anything run by Clive Palmer. Because if he actually starts spending money, he could do quite a bit of damage to the stock price before getting kicked out of a position of decision making..

    This is the same publication who only months ago confirmed the dinosaurs would be animatronic -

      You highly dubious mofo. You've ruined many dreams today.

    If you were really going to do this, wouldn't you keep it a secret until you succeeded?

      I think you'd keep it secret until it was actually possible.

    Well Alan Bond gave us America's cup and the most expensive
    painting ever (at the time) with the money meant to be paid for Van
    Gough's Irises. And then all the scandal etc. Palmer has a lot to
    compete with if he wants to be as big, bold and brash as our 80s
    ultra-rich. At the moment he's just a drunk moron spouting pub-born

    Clive is obviously looking to create a place where he belongs, with
    the rest of the dinosaurs.

    I would love to see a real life dinosaur! Haha...can't blame him
    for a being a little kid. After all he's got the money to do so.

    I think it's sad that I only needed to see the title of this article to know it was about good old' Clive... I wonder what he'll cook up next.

    As many have said though, laughter Is good for the soul.

    Rebuilding the Titanic would be child's play compared to cloning a dinosaur.

    Step 1: Dig up enough coal to warm up the planet to Jurassic levels.
    Step 2: Repopulate planet with Jurassic megafauna.

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