Apple Hiring Geniuses For New Canberra Store

The new Broadway Apple Store in Sydney is barely out of its packaging and the company is eyeing off retail space in Adelaide. Now it looks like Apple is adding Canberra to the list, with a job ad on Seek strongly suggesting plans exist for a store in the country's capital.

The ad, spotted by the Canberra Times, appears to have been posted last month on the 15th and appeals for applicants with an IT support background to work at "an Apple Retail Store". If that wasn't a give-away, the title of the ad, "Apple Retail Genius — New Store Opening — Canberra", says it all, really.

When CT quizzed Apple Australia on the Seek listing, all it had to say was that it had yet to announce a new store. If you want to read between the lines, it didn't deny plans for a Canberra store, which, going by Seek, would've have been quite the fib.

Being selfish for a minute — it'd be nice if Apple could open a store closer to the city centre in Melbourne. I know we have outlets in Chadstone and Doncaster, but Sydney's spoilt with stores on George St and now, another basically down the road in Broadway. Obviously, cities without stores should take precedence, but can it be on the to-do list at least?

[Canberra Times]

Image: Alex Proimos / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0



    How about Brisbane CBD?

      Robina store is looking, my mate said I should apply (he was serious) I laughed at him thinking i'd do well there.

    lol Chadstone is in Melbourne Derp ;)

    I think i need to go look up the definition of "Genuis", just to double check...

      Then when you don't get the result you expected, look up genius...

    I've talked to these people, and believe me, they're not geniuses, In fact, they are pretty dumb

    Surely Oxford will soon add "uninformed sales assistant" to it's next edition of the dictionary.

    Does anyone know if it will be in City or?

      You'd imagine it'd be in the Canberra Centre or at Woden or Belconnen. Apple will target the busier locations. I'm hoping it's the Canberra Centre, but Canberra being Canberra wherever it is it'll only be a 15 minute trip anyway.

    Hang on isn't there an Apple store in the Canberra Centra opposite JBs?

      The new store will be in City Walk, Garema Place.

      That store is MAC1, they aren't actually Apple

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Alex thats a mac1 store. Just an authorised retailer. Plus this is old news, found a store manager job on seek over a month ago.

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