Apple Has Started Work On Its New South Brisbane Store

Construction has kicked off on the official Apple Store in South Brisbane and as a result, the big black banner with the bright white Apple logo has been erected at Westfield Carindale.

Apple Stores will likely be popping up all over the place in the next 12 months if the slew of job advertisements are to be believed.

Thanks to Sean Culley, who managed to snap this shot for us while wielding a small child and a pram.

Could you work at an Apple Store? I think I could for a short spell.

Image: Sean Culley



    ... Carindale? Carindale is as god damned far away from the city as
    Chermside is. Does Apple have the smallest clue?

      But it's on the other side of the city to Chermside, so it will be
      closer for a whole lot of people. Plus, if you look at the job
      advertisements on apple's website, it would seem to suggest that
      they are planning to open one in the city as well.

      One in the north and one in the south... I'd say they have a clue.

        One in the north, one in the south, and both are at least 25 minutes from the actual city.

    the old dymocks building on queen street in brisbane

    Thank god! An apple store 15min away. No more driving to chermside
    or down the coast. A city store near the myer centre would seem
    appropriate. The old borders store would make a great place

      Agreed, I was very happy the other night when I saw the Apple sign
      at Carindale. Didn't realise it hadn't been reported yet though! I
      hope one does eventually go into the Brisbane CBD, but Carindale
      will definitely be convenient.

    When I was at apple two weeks ago, I asked the Genius about a
    Sunshine Coast store, he obviously couldn't tell me but he did hint
    at there fact there is one close this side of Brisbane that is on
    the cards.

    I like this, I like it a lot :)

    It makes all the painful renovations of Carindale Westfield worth

    Got trolled by title, just skimming through and read "Apple has
    started work on its new south wales store" than I go to check where
    and realize it is a new - south brisbane store

    "South Brisbane" is actually near the centre of Brisbane. You can
    call Carindale part of Brisbane's south. Calling it South Brisbane
    is like calling Frenchs Forest "North Sydney".

    When it said 'South Brisbane', I assumed they actually meant the
    suburb of South Brisbane (as in, South Bank) which seems like a
    much more intelligent location for a store than Carindale, which is
    more in the eastern suburbs.

    It would have been either Carindale or Garden City. Since Carindale got its refresh before Garden City, I can see why it was an obvious choice. People who go to one of these rarely have a need to go into the CBD.

    I thought for a second that "New South Brisbane" was a new location in QLD :-S

    South Brisbane or south of Brisbane - the people bringing attention to this minor matter of exact location must be Apple knockers surely. Carindale is apparently the biggest shopping centre in Queensland at the moment. Why bother with the CBD. There are enough smaller retailers in the CBD to service existing clients. You just have to look in the phone book or search the internet ( from your imac, iphone or ipad or if you are unfortunate, then from some inferior non- Mac device) to find them.

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