African Spear-Throwing Slingshot Bazooka Is The Internet's Newest Weapon

In the most destructive mixture of German and African culture since the Berlin Conference, teutonic wood warlord Joerg Sprave has outdone himself. His newest Crazy Weapon might be the Craziest Crazy Weapon he's ever Crazied.

Aptly and subtly titled "Shaka Zulu's Wet Dream", Joerg's assegai-thrower is a true menace. It's not a very convenient weapon though — it requires you to tie it to a tree, hold it between your legs and grapple with massive industrial rubber bands. It heaves these Zulu spears with 90kg of force — enough to lodge itself so deeply into a tree stump that even Joerg himself has a hard time removing it. Just imagine if that were someone's face!

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