Adorable Under-Chair Cat Hammock Keeps Fluffy Off The Furniture

If you have pets you've already accepted the fact that your home will be perpetually covered in a layer of fur. Visitors, though? Probably not as keen. So this tiny hammock lets your cat still use your furniture without leaving it covered in hair.

It's just $30 -- available for pre-order now -- and straps to the legs of most reasonably sized chairs using a series of velcro bands at every corner. Besides keeping pet accessory clutter to a minimum, the Cat Crib also provides a place for your feline to hide out -- whether they're simply looking for some privacy, or a place to disappear after being a bad kitty.

[Cat Crib via Freshome]


    I'd like to see them try it with a chair that has legs pointing straight, down. Unless those straps have rubber on the inside, it's a fail.

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