A New Breed Of Camcorder For A New Breed Of Citizen Journalist

Just because virtually every mobile phone now doubles as a camcorder doesn't mean it does a good job — especially when you're recording in low light or noisy environments. The Q2HD from Zoom, however, is designed to record and stream in full HD, regardless of the shooting environment.

The Q2HD is a palm-sized camcorder packed with every feature a citizen journalist could need. It captures up to 40 minutes of video in 1080p H.264 on the included 2GB SD card. It also boasts onboard 24-bit/96kHz Mid-Side stereo recording, which combines a unidirectional front mic and a bi-directional side mic. By adjusting the level of the side mic, you can essentially tune the pair to pick up from a 30-degree to 150-degree swath of stereo field. This results in clearer, more focused audio.

What's more, when the Q2HD is tethered to a laptop (Mac and Windows alike), it can broadcast live using many of the popular streaming programs available like Skype, UStream or Flash Media Live.

The Q2HD will retail for $US200 when it's released later this month. But if you can't wait that long, don't despair — we'll have a hands-on review next week. [Zoom]

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