A Guy Started A Fire On A Nuclear Submarine To Leave Work Early

A Guy Started A Fire On A Nuclear Submarine To Leave Work Early

Here’s a friendly reminder for everyone who wants to leave work early: don’t ever set fire to your workplace. Especially if you work on a million nuclear submarine. Especially if you’ll cause $US400 million in damage. And especially if you just want to leave early because of a silly text message argument with your ex-girlfriend. It’s completely dumb and you could possibly end up in jail for life like the idiot guy who did just that might.

Casey James Fury, the 24-year-old arsonist, worked on the USS Miami as a painter and sandblaster, when he started a text argument with his ex-girlfriend who was seeing a new guy and got angry. So angry that he couldn’t work anymore so the only logical thing was to burn the place so he could leave early. According to The Boston Herald:

[Fury] allegedly told authorities that he started pacing and eventually walked to the back of the boat, where he saw a bag of alcohol wipes.

He then removed the wipes, stuffed them into a corner around fire resistant wood and placed some wipes and a piece of plywood over it on a structure used to hold the boat up while it’s in dry dock, according to the affidavit. Authorities said he then again used a lighter to set the fire.

If that’s bad, the other fire he started was even worse. That one caused $US400 million in damage and forced over a hundred firefighters to battle the flames for 12 hours.

Fury has told authorities that he was taking a cocktail of medications, “including Celexa for anxiety and depression, Klonopin for anxiety, Ambien for insomnia and Xertec for allergies, according to the affidavit” during the burning fiasco but has now been charged with two counts of arson and faces life in prison and a $US250,000 fine. [AP, Boston Herald]