50 Shades Of Grey Boosting Kindle Sales

The smutty, sexy and dirty book, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, is apparently the cause of a dramatic increase in sales of Kindle readers, according to UK retailer Comet.

Up in the north of England, the book is thought to be responsible for a 71 per cent increase in sales, while down in the South sales increased by 29 per cent. It seems Northerners like their novels a little bit more erotic. Staff workers in Comet stores are stating that the majority of the devices are being sold to women, with sales peaks coinciding with the Euro 2012 England game and final. That’s err, quite the coincidence I’d say.

Jon Wiltshire, Head of Consumer Electronics at Comet said:

“The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon has swept the nation causing a dramatic increase in sales of Kindle e-readers in Comet stores and online. Our staff have reported an increase in women who have bought the device with many admitting it’s so they can read the saucy trilogy. I’m not sure whether that means that women in the North are more adventurous or more prudish as the beauty of a Kindle is that readers can hide the fact that they’re reading the novels! Our team are on-hand for customers looking for advice on purchasing the devices and of course offer absolute discretion.”

Dirty Comet. Dirty, dirty Comet.

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    this book is such awful crap, i have just downgraded my already low opinion of society

      Ah! Not society in general, but the demographic responsible for this sales increase, which is probably not young males ;)

      Well, maybe if you were more willing to indulge in terrible novels your grammar would improve. Nice comma-splice, there Nicky.

    Thats a lot of people reading "erotic" crap! :O

    That's honestly pretty dangerous.

    There's nothing wrong with S&M, but presenting a sick and unsafe view of it in a way that will likely be emulated by innocent (and possibly stupid) people, is just wrong of anyone involved in the book's production.

      What? People have been reading dodgy stuff and seeing dodgy performances for thousands of years, I think they're ok to make up their own minds about things. :)
      ...let alone what you can see on TV, DVDs and the web.

    Anyone catch the end of Downton Abbey last night and the announcer saying something about "50 Shades of blabla" at the end of the show that had no relation to the book, attempting to piggyback on it's popularity.

    Looks like a good move putting FSOG on Kindle. No pages to get stuck together, and easy to wipe clean!

    And yet, the Kindle only shows one shade of grey.

    Some of the best books iv read !!behind the S&M is a love story it isnt written in a dirty manor ,He truly respects her wishes when goes too far and she doesnt stand for any crap from Christian either

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