50 Retractable Rods Make This The Most Customisable Rack Ever

There's a chance you've lost days of your life searching for keys, hats, and all those odds and ends that seem to grow legs so they can crawl away to hide from you in a remote corner of your apartment. With dozens of retractable rods, a hanging rack called Pinuplet's you decide how many of these forgettable but important things you want to tack up on the wall.

At 14 inches (36cm) wide, it's got 50 dowel rods that you can configure however you like. Pull out three for a heavy backpack, push them back in when you want to change it up. It looks a bit like some alternative version of Chinese Checkers. It's $350 on Etsy, and though it's not going to get those hours of your life back, it might make things a little more convenient and organised around your house. [Etsy via Core77]

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