You Can Make The New Sony Xperia Get Here Faster With Facebook

Sony is set to announce its new Xperia smartphone on 22 June, but that can all change provided you're willing to tell your friends that you're keen on it.

Sony has developed a Facebook app that lets users control the announcement date of the next Xperia. By clicking the "Fast Forward" button and sharing the news about the new phone to your Timeline, Sony moves the announcement date just that little bit closer.

So far, almost 9000 people have clicked the button, moving the announcement date ahead by two days to 20 June.

I usually hate Facebook campaigns like this one. Do our advertising for us and we'll give you something about something something.

Sony seems to be getting its head straight around viral marketing, though, if this is any indication. The secret is that it's giving us something we want for a change.

What do you want in the new Xperia? [Sony via Facebook]

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