New iPhone Apps: Music Unlimited, Swipe Type And More

New iPhone Apps: Music Unlimited, Swipe Type And More

We’ve got all kinds of goodies for you in this week’s best iPhone apps. So load up the App Store, because you’ll definitely want to make some new additions to your portfolio.

Music Unlimited: You now have another streaming music service to choose from. This one works a lot like Spotify, but one of the advantages of Music Unlimited is that it is offered across heaps of Sony hardware — Android, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Sony TVs and Blu-ray players. It also boasts music from all the major labels, not just Sony’s own music division. If you’re interested, you can get a free 30-day trial. Subscription.[clear]

Timer: Only the iPhone 4S will let you set multiple timers at a time through Siri. It’s trickier with older versions, however. This app offers a simple solution to clock up to a dozen activities at one time. $0.99.[clear]

Swipe Type: The iPhone keyboard can be frustrating. It doesn’t recognise certain words and it’s hard to edit text. But this replacement keyboard makes it a lot easier, letting you swipe to write, instead of having to lift up your digits to tap. $0.99.[clear]

NASA App: Three years after NASA first released its official app comes a lovely, extensive redesign. The interface is brand new, as are the news and features sections. Download it and see what’s going on with the US space program. Free.[clear]