Windows Phone 8 Might Finally Make NFC Payments Popular

Your phone replacing your wallet. That's the promise of NFC; payments made with a wave of your handset. The only problem? Despite Google's — and now Apple's — best efforts, it hasn't happened yet. But Windows Phone 8 might finally usher in the future we've been waiting for.

Microsoft's solution, in fact, combines Google's NFC payment options and Apple's membership card scheme, keeping all of your third-party apps and services in one place. The Windows Phone 8 NFC plans even take Google Wallet a step further by getting its carrier partners on board and putting your private information on "secure SIMs" instead of the phone itself. Why's that important? Some US carriers have had a rocky relationship with Google Wallet, going so far as to block it from device launches. Get everyone on the same page early, and you've got yourself a unified platform.

There are other NFC goodies that aren't necessarily revolutionary, but they are thoughtful. The Wallet hub comes equipped with its own PIN, so you don't have to lock your whole phone to secure your mobile monies. And in-app purchases can be made through your Wallet as well. Ditto with app purchases — any time you would pay for something with your phone, it can be routed through your Wallet.

Wallet is also where you can stick group vouchers and gift card tiles, much like you can in iOS 6's Passbook. The Wallet will also enable deals — everything does these days! — in conjunction with Microsoft's Local Scout app.

It's a convenience on its own — a way to save space in your back pocket and a nudge towards the future. But combined with the ability to actually make payments? That is the future. Google and Apple had the parts. Windows Phone 8 has made them whole.

The NFC goodness will be available in the US sometime next year — a little more vague than we maybe would have liked. But as long as it's a promise Microsoft keeps, it should be worth the wait. For those of us not in the US, we're probably going to be waiting a long, long time.



    For those of us not in the US, we’re probably going to be waiting a long, long time....
    in europe they are woking with orange, there are NFC projects happening all around the world, visa and Vodafone has parted together to make a mobile wallet due he in australia and the rest of the word(i think by the end of the year), also passpass wallet will launch in oz with westpac and commbank so if they want to work with MS they could, i guess its all down to if telstra, optus stops them because they will control the NFC SIM, i think its smart that mirossoft didnt try and compete and launch there own wallet(at least in the US), because like they sais some carriers would try to block it

    It's times like these I'm glad I bank with commonwealth. They're on track to be one of the first to go live in Aus.

      if you own an iphone and are willing to buy the nfc cover for it, you're already set. the kaching app has been working for ages. but as for android, looks like westpak is going to be first.

    considering the market penetration of Windows Phone devices its hightly unlikely they will have any chance of impacting the popularity of any technology let alone NFC

    god damn it...i just want all of this stuff when its released at the same time as the US...i hate having to wait months and months... I would have bought a lumia 800 when it was released in the US but had to wait months for it in Aus, and by then the 900 was announced, and by the time that was released WP8 was/is on the horizon so i was waiting to today press conference to tell me if the lumias would be getting WP8 (turns out MS screwed nokia on that one) now i'm tempted to wait for WP8 but theres no released date on that and we're only going to get a fraction of what the OS can actually do now anyway...fml

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