Windows Phone 8 Gets Spec Bump: Dual Core, 720p, SD Storage Ahead

The first major announcement out of Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit? A much-needed spec bump for the platform, which now supports dual-core processors, 720p displays and SD storage solutions. Finally, a grown-up operating system gets grown-up guts.

The supported resolutions now include WVGA, WXVGA and true 720p, and the platform will support quad-core processors as well. In fact, there's support for up to 64 cores, which isn't helpful for this year's handsets but is still a nice little bragging point. SD card expansion is a welcome addition too; while Apple's ignored it so far, it's too popular a feature on Android for Microsoft to have ignored it much longer.

On the wonkier side of things, you're looking at increased Java and HTML5 support, which will hopefully help Internet Explorer from being quite as pokey as it has been.

Overall, it's a lot of keeping up with the Joneses; Microsoft's not leapfrogging anybody here. But if you're a Windows Phone fan, just catching up is improvement enough.



    No support for higher than 720p until the next major update then?

      You mean the next major update.. which is in 3/4 months?

    I don't understand this image that the author keeps using for his articles. Is it a WP7 skin for Android? It doesn't even show off the new layout of the WP8 start screen!

      Windows Phone HTML5 demo, pretty well designed for iOS, but as you can see above it works badly on android haha.

    Wtf is with the picture? Wonky WP with android soft buttons doesn't really explain what it is.

    I'm presuming it's the HTML5 demo running on a Galaxy Nexus?

      Haha..this is the funniest thing about having no clue at all about windows phone!

    WP isn't "just" catching up. Nobody has really good offline maps/navigation yet; nobody has a really good NFC Wallet yet; nobody has truly useful voice control yet; nobody but WP7 has the level of app and account interconnectedness which further elevates the potential of WP8.

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