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Welcome to Whitenoise, where you can come to talk about anything you want with other Gizmodo readers. Any other Melburnians out there feel the "quake"? Having never experienced one before, my first thought was that I was having a stroke or unexpected bowel movement. It obviously wasn't very destructive, but feel free to share you terrifying experience in the comments.

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    SHOTGUN... Just got an Android question. Specifically for the G Note. What is the best custom ICS ROM? I just installed Rocket Rom v7 and over a month ago I switched over to the official ICS from Stunner and I miss the Stunner features. I would go back to it, but would suck not having the S-Note app.

    Long time poster. Always wanted Giz and lifehacker to improve and redesign their comments section. I post regularly but unless I bookmark the conversation, I forget to go back and read replies or follow a thread.
    Three things to consider.
    E-mail notification of a post and/or reply.
    RSS of a thread.
    or my favourite, click to stick the thread in an app you can follow the thread and delete later. Sort of like a separate bookmark folder but a colour alert to the title when there is an added post, may not need the full article. A different colour to a reply? Would encourage debate and postings leading to increased traffic and revenue.......
    So, can it be done?????

      +1. I leave comments but never follow up, Disqus alerts me to follow ups atleast. Nice to hear it will change Danny!

    Hey guys, just wanted to share something I've found about the universal iPod dock connectors used in stereos. I've seen this things across many brands including JVC, LG, Panasonic, they all get the same problem. The issue is that when these docks were designed, there was only a limited few types of devices you could control these on - The iPods... Since then, the iPhone and iPod touch was invented which was heavier and larger then the older iPods. This causes extra weight and force to be placed on the dock connector (Especially when people touch the iPod/iPhone). When doing this over prolonged periods, it causes stress on the solder joints connecting the connector to the PCB and eventually leads to poor joints and ripped up tracks and the connector no longer works. As a technician, I've seen this many times and I advise you all to use the dock connector adapters. These should come with all new docks but not always. If you didn't get one compatible for your device, have a look here: http://store.apple.com/au_smb_4860/product/MA117G/A .. I'm not a sales person, I'm a technician who repairs this and unless you want to pay $$$ for a replacement circuit board, and bring them in for warranty repairs, you're best to fork out the $10 for this device.

      Another tip for these docks:

      If you have a stereo with one of these docks built in but want to use a non apple device (or an apple device wirelessly) one of these adapters is ideal. they're like $15 and they work perfectly. Just sit the little adapter in the dock and pair your phone with it over bluetooth and you're good to go. All your play/pause etc controls from your stereo remote will still work over bluetooth.


        Oh brilliant! That's an awesome solution and removes the problem of touching the iPod which is great.

    Hooray, i finally found the motivation to jailbreak my Apple TV 2, i managed to install XBMC, i heard it's pretty good, i haven't used it yet.

    This brings me to my next question, i have a whole lot of DVDs like shows etc... is it legal to rip them to my computer? it's only for personal use and having all my dvds backed up and managed to play them all through my computer is a huge convenience.

      It's legal to rip your dvds and music cds to your computer and mobile devices in Australia.Under our copyright laws its called format shifting. As long as you don't share them it's fine

        Thats good to know, i have a whole lot of dvd's which i still need to back up and its a relief to know its not illegal.

        XBMC works a treat, it was a little hard to set up so i can stream videos from my PC to my jailbroken Apple TV but once i got it working , its running like a dream.

        Also a nice touch is that it downloads show and movie information automatically.

    Here's a question for all the Vodafone-faithful: Vodafone says it's completed work in WA, SA, NT, ACT and TAS to improve the network from the failtastic mess it was 12-months ago. Have you noticed a difference in your service? Has it improved at all?

      Just switched to Telstra 4G so yes, yes I have ;)

      Seriously though, Voda has big issues with maintaining a data connection even in Sydney CBD. I really hope their planned upgrades fix this because they are being eclipsed in the market on everything but price. With the rise of the cloud they are going to lose the whole top end of the market.

        But doesn't every carrier have an issue during CBD lunch hours? I'm on Telstra Next G and have been for yonks and the connection has been getting worse and worse until it's unusable during peak times now. I think the problem with Voda was that it was unusable *all the time* not just some.

        Has that been fixed is what I'm wondering?

          Ha, i find this ironic considering the liberals and their lackeys are bleating on that wireless is superior to the NBN.

          Anyways, i have been with Vodafone for a few years now and never really had any issues with reception, because i have a wifi network at home i dont use 3G all that much but when i do when i am out it doesnt seem that slow, maybe its because i rarely venture into the Adelaide CBD.

      My favourite saying about vodafone is:

      "If you're with Vodafone, all roads lead to Roam"

      I have drop outs almost daily, nay, it is often a lot more than that. There is no difference between when I purchased my phone 16 or so months ago, to now. I am from SA. As a dude who uses his phone a lot... I'll be switching when the contract expires.


    Am I the only one that thinks Apple are being jerks about this?

    Queue another technology people will think makes the NBN obsolete.


      "The system also has the potential to be used in short free-space terrestrial links, or to be adapted for use in fiber optic cables like those used by some Internet service providers."

      Let them queue, and tell them one by one, it's still fiber, it's just another use of it. It's another upgrade path. I beleive the same thing is available in wireless research (where curving the waves they could increase the bandwidth by packing more data in each wave), but again inferior to fiber cables, existing and future.

        I am waiting for Alan Jones to come out and waffle on about "laser beams" again.

        The thing that seems a bit redundant is that the writer of the article wrote to the NBN saying are they going to implement this technology, but at the moment its only an experiment and will be years if not decades before technology like this becomes a viable consumer technology, but i doubt this will stop the liberal sheep from waffling on about this making the NBN obsolete and wireless and 4G being a superior technology because of their iPads.

        To use a tired and overused meme, my faith in humanity is slipping.

    Does anybody have any idea where my damn car keys are! I'm late for work!

      Haven't you got any wire?

        Just get to work Jack Bauer style: reach under the steering column and just touch two loose wires together. BAM.

    Hey when do the big sales start for end of financial year? -Or have I already missed them? Just came back from overseas today after being gone for a month.

      They've been going a little while. Especially at Dick Smith. Get your online shopping on!

    Question: Anybody using the W8 RC and getting strange reading for the Windows experience index?
    I have a Radeon HD 7970 installed and I'm getting a score of 1.0.
    Processor - 7.6
    Memory 7.6
    Desktop performance for windows Aero - 1.0 (thought this was no no longer relevant to W8?)
    3D business and Gaming - 8.1
    Disk Date transfer rate - 8.0
    The score should be 7.6 not 1.0 should it not? Aero is supposed to be no longer relevant to W8 RC.
    Any thoughts..? :]

      Video driver.
      I doubt there's a Win8 driver out yet but in the past I've encountered the same issue on Win7 and an updated driver has changed Aero performance from 1.0 to 5 or 6.
      You can go in and edit the score manually if you find that Windows turns any features off due to a low score:

        Thanks for that, but I think this needs to be fixed, probably will with the final release. The link method just fudges the result, not a fix... :)

    Just giving you guys a heads-up - you may be about to get an influx of refugees from gizmodo.com. The new commenting system is not going over well there.

      Yeah, their new commenting system sucks, i was never a big fan of the star system but looking back that system at least was simple to see older comments.

    I just upgraded to 15GB of iCloud storage... I feel like an idiot.

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