What If The Empire Strikes Back Was A Steamy Spanish Soap Opera?

The Empire Strikes Back is widely regarded as the finest of the Star Wars films, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it — as this re-imagining proves. I suppose I should point out that it technically contains spoilers, but if you haven't watched Empire yet, then... the door is that way.

[YouTube via ToplessRobot]


    "widely regarded as the finest of the Star Wars films" disagree

      It is. Check imdb, best films of all time lists etc (they represent the wide)

      You can disagree that it's the finest Star Wars film,* but you can't disagree that it's widely regarded as the fiest of the Star Wars films, unless you habitually disagree with factual statements.

      * You would be incorrect.

        I totally disagree with the fiestness of this film!

    Empire was always my favourite, dark, gritty, funny, epic.

    So many quotes...
    "I love you", " I know"
    "I am your father" "Nooooo"
    "Feel the force around you"

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