What Are The Most Stylish Big-Screen TVs?

As with desktop monitors, screen quality and price are paramount when buying a big TV. But visual appeal still sits somewhere on that list of 'nice-to-haves' -- and some models try to blend the best of both worlds. Here are some big screens that have caught our eye, but we’re keen to see what you would recommend...

Samsung Series 8

Available in 55, 60 and 60-inch models, this range of 3D LED Smart TVs picked up a 2012 Gold iF Award for design and innovation. The high-end series packs all of Samsung’s latest tricks including 2D to 3D conversion and motion/gesture/voice control. It’s also, you know, a TV. [Gizmodo]

Sony Bravia NX270 LED Internet TV Series

This 40-incher also picked up a Gold iF Award for its sleek, tilt-backward design. Other flourishes include Gorilla Glass, 3D, and a presence detector that can turn off the screen when a room has been left empty. [Sony]

LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs

LG’s 55-inch OLED TV (wow that's beautiful) is set to hit the US in May for a cool $8000. While we wait for that to actually arrive in Australia, there’s always the company’s current generation Cinema 3D TV Range to imagine in your lounge room. A super-thin bezel and a stylish base are supported by features like Dual Play 3D, 2D to 3D conversion, 3D depth control, and a motion remote. [LG]

Worth Mentioning

Ikea TV: IKEA constantly manages to churn out innovative, affordable products. The latest, however, is seeing it move directly into the technology sector: it’s launching its own TV, which comes integrated into a piece of furniture to completely banish cables from your home. It’s not due to be available until 2013 in Australia, but, when it is, it should retail for around $1000 with a five-year guarantee.

Philips: Ambilight TVs just look pretty (and apparently also reduce eye strain). Too bad Philips pulled out of the Aussie TV market. Thankfully, Lifehacker has shown us how to achieve the effect ourselves.

Loewe: The German TV maker was last month rumoured to be targeted for a buyout by Apple, but that’s since been denied. Either way, Loewe make some beautiful TVs that we’ve long covered on Giz. Most impressive was their clear glass Invisio concept for the 2011 iF concept design awards. We certainly saw lots of transparent TV concepts at CES this year.

Smaller TVs With Style

Samsung SA 9 LED Monitors

Samsung’s new SA 9 monitors have a distinctive design, and can handle both 2D (standard monitor use) and 3D (Blu-ray, consoles, Foxtel, etc), though you’ll still need shutter glasses. The 23-incher (SA23950) costs $550, while the 27-inch model is $700 (SA27950). The 27-inch TA27950 costs $800, and apart from being a monitor is also an internet connected Smart TV with full HD tuner and two HDMi ports. It’s also 3D enabled. [Samsung]

Sony PlayStation 3D Display

Sony’s PlayStation-branded TV / monitor looks like a giant Vita and has a few tricks up its sleeve. The big one is SimulView: the ability to present two players with full screen multi-player views using stereoscopic trickery. $697, exclusive to [Harvey Norman]


    I have the previous Samsung D7000 and it's a lovely piece of kit. Wall mounted, no wires visible, barely 2 inches off the wall from screen to the wall including picture hook mount. The E7000/8000 would probably end up being my choice again if I was buying now.

    I liked Sony's previous monolithic design with the dock. LG also do nice TVs too but they tend to miss on the components, interface etc.

    So, Samsung gets it, for TVs. For a monitor I still think the Apple 27" Display is nicer than those Samsungs, and I'd posit that a proper Apple TV would also likely be nicer looking (and suitably more expensive) than the Samsung equivalent.

      Apple? No. For TVs Samsung gets it. Even Apple Monitors are left in the dust by a long way. Samsung have really mastered TVs for a while now (external design) and made the field well and truly their own- With a whole range of different models and iterations.

        LG Smart TV's are my favorite TV's. For one reason. PLEX.

    I love the Samsung series 8 TVs with the X style stand; I think the new stand is ugly. The Sony stand is nice, but the TV itself is pretty standard. The LG would look stunning wall mounted, but I don't trust LGs.

    The IKEA TV is a nice idea, but not that stylish. They also need to improve the look of the DVD player (?) built into the cabinet.

    As for the little ones; the Samsung would also work in a equally modern styled room; while the Playstation one is horrid.

    If I had the money, I'd get a Samsung series 8. Until then, my Kogan will do nicely.

    That Sony Bravia is the best looking of the bunch, in most cases though they're all fantastic looking screens (as in barely any bezel) with hideous stands.

    Wall mounting fixes the ugly stand problem most TV's have.

    True Geeks wouldn't be buying TV's based on how good their mount / stands look!

    The Samsung monitors are hideous. Old Samsung TV's had stands that were beyond tacky. New Samsung TVs nice, but Sony is classiest in black.

    LG recently sent us the 47" 6700 model to show off Dual Play. It's really impressive, but the TV itself looks hot.


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