Watch Tesla Assemble The New Model S

Watch Tesla Assemble The New Model S

Tesla’s new Model S electric sedan is now rolling off of the production line and into people’s homes, and the company is giving us one last peek behind the curtain at the robot-assisted ballet that is Tesla’s Model S assembly line.

Last time we checked in with Tesla, the company’s legion of robots were painting the Model S. Now we’re watching Tesla engineers work hand-in-actuator with the robots to put the car together inside and out.

The cars are moved along the production line by what Tesla are calling SmartCarts. Basically a SmartCart glides along the production floor using magnets rather than a standard conveyor belt you might see in an episode of Batman.

Robots equipped with 3D cameras for eyes position the roof glass, while the engineers install the seats, console and various other dashboard gadgets.

Vehicles are then lifted to get their undercarriages treated with brakes, tyres and trimmings before it’s inspected. Inspection at Tesla is more than just five people with clipboards looking it over. The vehicle is bombarded with water to make sure nothing leaks, before it’s analysed.

The engineers then shamelessly drive the car around the company’s indoor test track before giving it the final tick of approval.

It’s a shame that this is one of the last videos we’ll get out of Tesla for a while. Enjoy it while it lasts.