vjay: Direct Your Own Music Video Mashups

vjay: Direct Your Own Music Video Mashups

Remember the MTV show Making the Video? It may no longer exist, but with vjay, a music-making app, you can make music vids of your own on the iPad.

What does it do?

Vjay lets you make video mixes and stream them to your Apple TV or other AirPlay-compatible device.

Why do we like it?

It automatically links up with your iTunes library, so you can make clips with your own songs backed by your own footage. You can capture new video with your iPad’s camera too. But if that’s not your thing, you can also chop up YouTube videos, use preloaded reels and buy new stuff from the iTunes store. Then you can snip them up, scratch and remix songs, and sew them back together into your own video creations using the transitions and effects vjay offers.


Download this app for: iPad, $10.49
The best: half price right now
The worst: doesn’t work with original iPad