Victorian Earthquake Got Telstra Talking

The things it takes to get you people to phone your parents. As Victoria stopped shaking last night, everyone on Telstra seemingly took out their phones and started doing the ring-around, according to a network traffic graph released by the telco.

Telstra saw an explosion in voice traffic, up fourfold on a usual day at the same time. Text message traffic also skyrocketed.

Sadly, the graphic doesn't show exactly how many thousand people were making voice calls at the time of the quake, but we can observe a massive spike in traffic after the ground stopped shaking.

It's a wonder the ground didn't start shaking again with all those phones vibrating. [Telstra]



    I didn't use the phone in case it was a real emergency, the phone lines won't be congested.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I'd say facebook servers would have noted a noticeable bump in Australians updating status'. Only took 10 minutes before the first Melbourne earthquake meme to appear in my news feed...

    Yep, but a quake is what it takes to make 'em do it :)

    I was already on the phone with a friend when the earthquake happened lol. (Telstra as well)

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