Use Google Images To Create A Language Of Pictures

Use Google Images To Create A Language Of Pictures

The Image Language, a new site that you’re about to waste the rest of your afternoon on, strings together images instead of words to make visual sentences. Type whatever you want into the box, and each word is instantly replaced by the first result of a Google Images search. Totally pointless, totally fun.

From the project’s description:

The Image Language is a live organism, it changes and grows daily. So today you can search something that is going to be completely different tomorrow or even 10 years from now. The results will always be surprising, sometimes shocking and often stupid.

It’s kinda like that hilarious thing Aziz Ansari did with emojis, but the work is all done for you. You can put any text you want in there: song lyrics, dirty jokes, novels, really anything. Below you see the first few lines of Hamlet’s soliloquy. Why does the word “the” translate to a disgusting poster for some movie called Art of the Devil II? Who the hell knows? But Google says it is so, and it is not for us to question its ways. Tomorrow it’ll probably (hopefully) be something different.

The project was created by Argentinean copywriter Santiago Luna Lupo and Brazilian art director Mihail Aleksandrov, who collaborated on it via Skype. Argentina-based programmer Nicolás Morell put in the coding work to make it happen. It’s a surprisingly thought-provoking little time vortex. [The Image LanguageThanks Jaime!]