Ultrabooks In Action: The will.i.am Project

Music superstar will.iam is putting his Ultrabook to the ultimate challenge: visiting a dozen cities around the world and using it to produce new music inspired by those locations. Inspired by Intel, an Ultrabook provides the perfect portable tool for the Black Eyed Peas legend to turn out tunes across the globe.

Sydney! will.i.am's newest collaboration has turned Sydney's entire Museum of Contemporary Art building into a musical instrument for Vivid Sydney 2012.

As Intel’s Director of Creative Innovation, will.i.am collaborated in the interactive light facade using tech powered by the Intel's 3rd Generation processor family.

will.i.am's agenda will take him around the world through 2012. As he explains:"The band of the future includes a digital artist and code writer and this is a big step toward making that a reality."

He recently produced a track in Tokyo:

Stop two on his itinerary was Mexico City.

Future planned destinations include Brazil, China, England, India, Korea and the United States.

You can catch will.i.am's latest compositions for the project on the dedicated Ultrabook Project site and YouTube. For a unique insight into will.i.am's travels, you can also download the willpower360 app for a 360-degree video overview that updates with each destination.

Meanwhile, sleek, elegant and powerful Ultrabooks are proving a great creative tool for artists and innovators around the world. Photographer Ben Rayener uses his to stay organised as he travels the world:

Susanna Vila promotes the use of technology to other social activists, and her Ultrabook plays a central role while cutting down on the number of gadgets she needs to carry:

Whatever your destination, an Ultrabook is the ultimate accessory for working, playing and creating. [Ultrabook Project]

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