TomTom To Update Its Maps Every Single Day

TomTom was already a big player in digital mapping, and then it went and signed up to work with Apple on the new iOS maps app. Good news, then, for anyone who uses a TomTom provided service: their maps are soon set to update every single day, for free.

TomTom, you see, has a dedicated pool of users who share information about road changes and closures with the company, which allows them to keep their maps updated on a daily basis. The same's also true for short-term incidents, like repair works or burst pipes on a highway.

Such frequent updates have in the past been a premium product for TomTom, but it has now announced that it plans to share the data across each and every portable device which uses its navigation systems. Presumably, that includes iOS devices, too. TomTom's Managing Director explains:

"Roads change all the time. Overnight, roads can close or traffic can be diverted, having a big impact on people's journey times. With Map Share, drivers can update their own map themselves straightaway. Plus, we have an active community of drivers who share around 250,000 road changes with TomTom and each other every month. We are pleased to expand our community, because the more people who use Map Share the greater the navigation experience for all our customers."

The system has already started rolling out, and will continue to do so until all devices offer the feature. [PocketLint]



    If this does comes to iOS, then the new iOS6 maps replacement just got a whole lot more interesting. I've been using the crowd-sourced maps add-on in the standalone TomTom app and its quite good, but obviously it needs more contributors and data for Australia to make sure everything is up to date. Bringing it to the iPhone as a native feature will certainly ensure that.

    Great, a 120mb app update every day!

      Usually thre a meg or two for these sorts of changes.

        And the data isn't stored on your iPhone, it's stored on their servers... only pulls down map data when you use it

    road closed, street racing!

      Uhh... yeah it happens server side, so you won't notice it.

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