TomTom Australia Outs Massive New GPS Unit

They say that it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it. While that might be true, it doesn't hurt to be packing a monster...screen. Monster screen (what did you think I was talking about?). TomTom's new Via 620 has size covered, measuring in at six inches of shiny navigation real estate.

It's the biggest GPS unit the company has made to date, and it dwarfs most devices already out on the local market. TomTom tells us it's to improve safety:

Sharper screen clarity and bigger buttons mean drivers enjoy a clear view of their route and safer, easier navigation.

It's also designed to suit big cars like the Ute and the ever popular, road-eclipsing four-wheel drive vehicles that seem to clog roads every peak hour.

The Via 620 will get you free daily updates from the TomTom community and three years worth of quarterly updates from the company itself free of charge.

Now that we have smartphones like the Galaxy Note, do we need massive GPS units?



    They have there uses...not for me but perhaps if I was doing a big round Australia trip it might be good.

    I had a few, but after my new unit died and was then stolen (have fun with that thief), I only use the tomtom app on my iPhone. The screen is smaller, but much brighter and sharper. I just wish tomtom would bring over all the features from the devices to the app.

    Umm how about some specifications, especially screen res.

    What is "the Ute"?

    Unless the screen resolution has been boosted from the 480*272 that TomTom and it's contemporaries have been using since the dawn of time, I'd be wary of a 6" screen.

    As for usefulness: IMO a small dedicated GPS is really useful, moreso than a phone GPS. Garmin and the like don't need to go online to search for addresses or POIs or routes; often they can pronounce street names; and they generally find and retain your position much faster and better.

    TomTom's safety reasoning is pure bollocks. Having a clear view of your route does NOT promote saftey; having an unobstructed view of your *surroundings* DOES promote safety. A big screen = a big distraction, especially at night. Small-screen GPS FTW!

      Yup. You already see people with the smaller GPS' plugged right in the middle of their front window-screen, obliterating their field of vision. Can't wait to turn across the front of someone with the larger screen up and for them to t-bone the side of my car... again.

      You don't really need to see a massive amount of detail anyway. Turn-by-turn voice prompts and 'next turn' graphical indicators is really all that's required when you're driving. I say put Bluetooth into all car stereo's and GPS units, and give us clear (music fading) instructions (like on my iOS Metro App) before we end up with 65 inch plasma's on the dash.

    7" GPS units have been available for years.
    They are NOT massive.
    The GPS screen in my 4WD is 11".

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