This Marc Jacobs Laptop Case Will Keep You From Looking Like A Slob

You've got your new retina display MacBook Pro? Great. Time to grow up and get a laptop bag that's worthy of it.

I'm crushing on this tropical orange 15-inch nylon case from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I carry a Jansport backpack to work every day and I think it actually makes me look about four years younger than I really am. Oh you know, just headed to the quad to study for my bio final. And by the way do you think your older sister could help get me a fake ID? NO. Hey, I don't want to accelerate the ageing process but I've come to the conclusion that I need a more tailored-looking tote. This one has a delicious Fanta-like colour, it's not going to kill my back, and at $US128, it won't put a serious dent in my wallet. All in the name of professionalism. [Geek Sugar]

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