This Is The New Nintendo 3DS [Updated]

So, Nintendo just announced the new 3DS: bigger, badder, 3Der.

The 3DS LL as it will be known in Japan will have a 4.88-inch stereoscopic top display, up from 3.53 inches on the current model.

Update: Now we have local pricing, specs and availability from Nintendo Australia. Here it is:

It'll be known as the Nintendo 3DS XL in Australia (imaginative enough), and comes with bigger top and bottom screens, a bigger battery and bundled 4GB SD card.

It'll set you back $249 and you can throw your money at Nintendo for this piece of 3D shiny from 23 August. You can pick it up in three colours from launch, including Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black.

It's great that Nintendo have decided to blow out the battery in this. The company haven't provided any concrete specs on how much bigger it will be but it's a good sign nevertheless. More companies ought to be doubling down on battery life. It's the one thing that still universally annoys users.

You like? [Kotaku Australia]

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    Nintendo Logic: Hey look, Our product hasn't sold very well, lets make a bigger one, because that'll work! SIlly old Nintendo

      18 million units in 12 months isn't anything to sneeze at.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Yeah I mean, this is Nintendo. Shouldn't they design three different hand grips and have buttons on buttons under buttons above buttons?

    sooo... where is the additional joystick or useless addon accessory for the LL?

    No way.

    You can't tell me that they are so stupid that they still haven't put a second pad on there?

      There really isn't any point right now. Hardly anything needs it and most devs just ignore it entirely. The '3DS Lite' that would have second thumbstick would have only caught on if suddenly there was a bunch of new games for it... which there are none.

        Devs don't make use of it because Nintendo has to offer the hardware before they can develop games for it. It's a no brainer really, the hardware has to come before the games. Sure, they have an add-on that was released fairly recently, but it is a crappy solution to a long standing problem and third party add-ons have always been poorly supported.

        Had Nintendo played their cards right and included the additional pad, then there would be games using it. You can also bet that if they had added the extra analogue pad to this unit then in 18 months from now there would be more titles with support for two pads. Some early adopters would have suffered a bit, but for a console I'm sure Nintendo wants to sell for another five years it may have been worth the hit.

    I think Nintendo should make a DS phone. I have always thought that the dual folding screen form factor of the DS would be great for a phone . That and an app store and SDK and Nintendo might still have a chance of surviving.

      I have mailed Nintendo an envelope full of cash with the words 3DS PHONE scrawled in red crayon on the front, just in case.

        Dear Nintendo,
        Shut Up And Take My Money.

      Meh, I'd rather Nintendo stick to making pure gaming devices, rather than shoving a phone feature in just for the hell of it.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    You realize there are only 40 words (39) in this post? Would have just been better to do this in 2 tweets.

    I think you forgot to close a tag...

    It would be interesting to see Sony take this route with the Vita, except they would manage to make battery life lower somehow id bet!

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