This Is The New Nintendo 3DS [Updated]

This Is The New Nintendo 3DS [Updated]

So, Nintendo just announced the new 3DS: bigger, badder, 3Der.

The 3DS LL as it will be known in Japan will have a 4.88-inch stereoscopic top display, up from 3.53 inches on the current model.

Update: Now we have local pricing, specs and availability from Nintendo Australia. Here it is:

It’ll be known as the Nintendo 3DS XL in Australia (imaginative enough), and comes with bigger top and bottom screens, a bigger battery and bundled 4GB SD card.

It’ll set you back $249 and you can throw your money at Nintendo for this piece of 3D shiny from 23 August. You can pick it up in three colours from launch, including Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black.

It’s great that Nintendo have decided to blow out the battery in this. The company haven’t provided any concrete specs on how much bigger it will be but it’s a good sign nevertheless. More companies ought to be doubling down on battery life. It’s the one thing that still universally annoys users.

You like? [Kotaku Australia]